The Great Riots of New York: 1712-1873
by Joel Tyler Headley with an Introduction by Pete Hamill

The Great Riots of New York presents an illustrated, fast-paced and chilling account of the major players and victims of over ten riots that rocked New York City from 1712–1873. Joel Tyler Headley’s main purpose in writing this account over a century ago was to show his appreciation for the metropolitan police force, for he believed they “saved the city” during the Draft Riots. Using eyewitness testimonies by military authorities, policemen, and those involved, and extracting facts from available archives, pamphlets, and newspapers, Headley discusses with precise detail such uprisings as The Negro Riots of 1712–1741. The Doctors’ Riots of
1788, and the Abolitionist Riots of 1834 and 1835, among many others. Headley creates a gripping narrative and writes with incredible flow, providing us with detailed accounts of these riots without overbearing us too much with his own opinions on the riots, the people who rioted, and the issues that were being rioted against.

Out of print for fifteen years, The Great Riots of New York remains a fascinating history of how far nonviolent citizens will go in order to have their voices heard.
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